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Vertical tube vacuum furnace series

Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology will introduce a type of vertical tube vacuum furnace to you today
       The vertical vacuum furnace consists of a non-magnetic stainless steel tube furnace body, a ceramic tube surrounding the heating body and a sample feeding device.
vertical tube vacuum furnace
The vertical tubular electric furnace is characterized by: vacuum system joints and vacuum joints are set on the furnace body, and the ceramic tube is fixed by precise positioning and guiding equipment inside, and resistance wire is wound on the ceramic tube; the end of the tube vacuum furnace body is a flange structure , The sealing flange where the sample is sent into the equipment is connected to the furnace body through an O-shaped rubber gasket.

The vertical tube-type electric furnace keeps the sample placed in all directions through the sample feeding device, and the tube-type vacuum furnace is sealed by the vacuum system of the furnace body and the sample temperature is measured.
Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology has more than ten years of research and development experience, and a professional design department can carry out furnace type transformation, function addition, function customization, and control program customization for your vertical tubular electric furnace to produce the most suitable equipment for you.