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Performance Analysis of Diamond Composite Sheets

The reason why diamond composite sheets are so widely used in modern industrial society is mainly because diamond composite sheets have superior super-hard wear resistance. Zhengzhou Protech Technology Co.,Ltd.'s key profession is designing, and manufacturing different types of furnace kiln and new materials. Furnace and kiln products include muffle furnace, tube furnace, vacuum furnace, atmosphere furnace, dental furnace, hot press furnace, CVD system, and etc. New materials include PDC Cutter, PDC, PCD Cutting Tool Blanks, PCBN Cutting Tool Blanks,etc.
Performance Analysis of Diamond Composite Sheets
Today, we will analyze the superior performance of diamond composite sheets:
First, the diamond compact has high hardness and wear resistance (wear ratio). With a hardness of up to 10 000 HV, the diamond composite sheet is the hardest material in the world's man-made materials, and has a much higher hardness than cemented carbide and engineering ceramics. Due to its extremely high hardness and isotropy, it has excellent wear resistance.
Secondly, the diamond compact has thermal stability. The thermal stability of the diamond composite sheet determines its scope of use. The thermal stability of the composite sheet is heat resistance. It is one of the important performance indicators for measuring the quality of PDC, just like its strength and wear ratio. Heat stability refers to heating to a certain temperature in the atmosphere (with oxygen), the stability of the chemical properties of the polycrystalline layer after cooling (the degree of diamond inkization), the change of macroscopic mechanical properties and the interface of the composite layer. The effect of the degree of firmness. After the thermal stability changes at 750 °C, some domestic manufacturers show a wear rate increase of 5% ~ 20%, the impact toughness changes little, some manufacturers' product wear ratio decreases, impact resistance decreases, and this unit The formula and process used are different. The wear ratio and impact toughness of foreign diamond composite sheets change little before and after sintering. Also, the diamond composite sheet has impact toughness. As a cutting tool, diamond composite sheets are widely used in oil and gas drilling operations. During the drilling process, due to the combined effect of axial force and horizontal cutting force, the friction between the drill and the hole wall, the bending of the drill string, the uneven bottom hole, the residual rock powder, the vibration of the drill, etc., Diamond composite sheets are subjected to great impact. The impact resistance of the diamond composite sheet reflects the toughness and bond strength of the composite sheet. It is a comprehensive index and the key to determining the effectiveness of the use.ZYvMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
ZYvMuffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
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