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China's the most beautiful porcelain furnace Comes Out

A new and beautiful new Dental Porcelain Furnace recently we have, the design is simple and beautiful, and it can be touched.
sintering furnace
Porcelain is a dental technique commonly referred to as porcelain teeth. The prosthesis has the advantages of high strength of metal, aesthetics of porcelain and fidelity of teeth, as well as wear resistance. The repair of missing anterior and posterior teeth can achieve the ideal function and shape for repairing missing teeth. When porcelain is used, it is more common to use a vacuum porcelain oven. Generally, there is a placing table. A table is placed on the placing table, a porcelain plate is placed on the table, and a foam plate for inserting a wire is placed on the porcelain plate. The teeth are fixed on the wire, and the furnace body is controlled to descend by the console, and the furnace is covered inside the furnace body for heating.
In addition, we have recently developed a new Ordinary Porcelain Furnace that is cheaper than the first one. The function is similar.
sintering oven zirconia
This Dental ceramic furnace porcelain Furnace is digital programmable porcelain furnace, with the outstanding features of high quality wearings, Large Touch panel, High temperature accuracy, and high vacuum accuracy, etc.
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