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Vacuum microwave drying machine for food
model:PT-- microwave drying machine

Vacuum microwave drying machine for food

    Application:  Mainly used in powder metallurgy, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, battery materials and other inorganic oxide powder sintering preparation, industrial production, scientific experiments and other fields.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

Introduction of microwave

    Microwave whose wavelength varied from 1mm to 1m, the frequency from 300 HZ to 300000HZ is a kind of electromagnetic waves which also include radio wave, infrared ray, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X ray, and etc.
Features Microwave drying machine

1. Drying and sterilization working same time, optimize the process and improve production efficiency
2. Key microwave component apply self-developed type or select high standards brands
3. PLC auto control system, support data saving, outputting, and printing
4. Microwave power stepless adjustable, temperature and humidity chain intelligent control 

Technical parameters:
Model PT-- microwave drying machine
Microwave frequency 2450±50 MHz
Power setting 12Kw
Size range 8* 1.1 * 1.8 m
Chamber temperature 45°C
Transmission type continuous
Microwave leakage limit ≤1 mW/cm2
Ambient temperature Seasonal temperature
Note:The above specs is only for reference, final specs may vary for different occasions


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