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Evaporative Coating Apparatus

Evaporative Coating Apparatus

    Application:  Widely used in universities/institutes/and high-tech enterprises in the field of semiconductor and microelectronics.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

Brief Introduction:

     PT-1800X-ZF4 Evaporative Coating Apparatus is a high-vacuum evaporative coating apparatus, especially suitable for the evaporation of metal films (such as Ti, Al, Au, etc.) that are sensitive to oxygen and small molecules of organic matter. The machine is equipped with 4 evaporation heating boats, each heating boat can be independently vaporized. There is a rotatable baffle above the heating boat. When one of the heating boats is evaporated, the baffle covers the other three tungsten boats To prevent contamination between the evaporation materials. If part of the configuration is changed, the evaporation coating of organic materials can also be achieved, which can meet the research requirements of light-emitting devices and organic solar cells. It is an experimental equipment with ideal coating effect and high cost performance. The bottom of the cavity of the PT-1800X-ZF4 evaporation coating instrument is equipped with 5 water-cooled electrodes, which can effectively protect the electrode temperature from melting due to excessive temperature during the working process, and thus damage the electrode. The machine uses a metal chamber with a very high vacuum degree, the vacuum degree can reach 5.0 × 10-7torr, the sample stage can heat the sample, the heating temperature is room temperature -500 ℃, is the first choice for high vacuum evaporation coating.

Evaporative Coating Apparatus

 Main Specification:

Product Name

Evaporation Coating

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Main Features

1. The vacuum control units are all assembled in one control box.

2. Adopt independent evaporation current controller, convenient and fast operation.

3. The vacuum chamber is equipped with a KF40 side extraction valve (directly connected to the pre-stage mechanical pump to improve efficiency), a CF150 gate valve (directly connected to the molecular pump), and a KF16 flange (installed resistance gauge) 6. 6 CF35 flanges (1 with ionization gauge, 1 with 2-core electrode, and 1 with thickness gauge) 3 spares.

4. Equipped with 5 water-cooled electrodes at the bottom of the cavity, which can support 4 evaporation heating boats.

5. The sample stage is installed on the top of the cavity.

6. A high-resolution film thickness gauge can be installed in the cavity, and the resolution (aluminum) of the film thickness measurement is 0.1Å.

7. Circulating water cooler can be used.


1. Input: single-phase AC220V, 50Hz / 60Hz, power <2.16KW (excluding vacuum pump)

2. Evaporation output: voltage AC 0-8V continuously adjustable, limiting evaporation current 200A, limiting evaporation power <1.6KW

3. Vacuum chamber: Ø300mm (inner diameter) × 400mm, stainless steel, the inner wall is electro-polished

4. Observation window: Ø100mm, sealed with special sealing ring

5. Vacuum pump: high pumping speed turbo molecular pump, pumping speed 600L / s

6. Vacuum: 8.0x10-4Pa

7. Ultimate vacuum 8.0x10-5Pa

8. Leakage rate: 6.7 × 10-8Pa · L / S

9. Sample stage: φ120

10. The distance between the evaporation boat and the sample table: 150-210mm

11. Demand for cooling water: 15L / min


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