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Manual four-source inorganic thermal evaporation coating equipment

Manual four-source inorganic thermal evaporation coating equipment

    Application:  Widely used in universities/institutes/and high-tech enterprises in the field of semiconductor and microelectronics.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
The equipment is mainly composed of metal source evaporation deposition chamber, vacuum exhaust system; vacuum measurement system; evaporation source; sample heating and temperature control; electrical control system; gas distribution system; cooling circulation system and other parts, which can be used for OLED preparation and perovskite Study on the preparation of mineral thin films.
Part I: System Overview
This system is a four-chamber inorganic thermal evaporation system with a single-chamber front door structure. It is mainly used for the research of growing metal thin films. The specific configuration of the system is as follows:
1. The system adopts a single-chamber tube top cover structure.
2. A mask can be applied to the sample stage.
3. Sample size: 100 × 100mm.
4. The growth chamber is equipped with an imported quartz crystal film thickness monitor for film thickness control and a single water-cooled quartz crystal probe.
5. 4 thermal resistance evaporation boats are placed in the growth chamber, equipped with 2 sets of evaporation power sources. The evaporation power source has a transfer function, that is, one evaporation power source can control two thermal resistance evaporation boats through the transfer.
6. Growth chamber vacuum acquisition system uses domestic molecular pump (600L / S) + mechanical pump (4L / S) for pumping air;
7. All the vacuum chamber components and components are made of high-quality stainless steel materials, argon arc welding, and the surface treatment is the most advanced electrochemical polishing passivation process in China.
Part II: The main components and technical performance of the system
Growth chamber ultimate vacuum ≤4.0 x10-5 Pa;
pumping speed: 6 x 10-4 Pa can be reached in 30 minute
1.Vacuum chamber components
Dimensions of vacuum chamber cavity components: single chamber cylindrical front door structure vacuum chamber, about Φ350 × H380, the upper flange is the docking structure of the sample stage, the vacuum chamber design adopts ultra-high vacuum design, wall-mounted antifouling board, and high quality stainless steel Material manufacturing, argon arc welding, surface treatment adopts a new process of glass shot + chemical electrolytic polishing passivation treatment.
The vacuum chamber components are welded with flanges of various specifications as follows:
1.1 RF100 flange connector on the vacuum chamber head: 1 (connected to the sample assembly);
1.2 CF150 flange interface: 1 (molecular pump interface);
1.3 CF35 flange interface: 4 (connected to high vacuum ionization gauge, film thickness meter, side pump, baking lighting, etc.);
1.4 LF16 flange interface: 2 (inflatable valve, 1 spare);
1.5 KF16 flange interface: 1 (connected to low vacuum resistance gauge);
1.6 There is an RF100 observation window with glass baffle on the cavity.
1.7 Thermal resistance evaporation electrode interface: 4 sets
1.8 Evaporation source baffle interface: 4

2. Thermal resistance evaporation boat and power supply
2.1 4 sets of thermal evaporation electrode group (high-power water-cooled structure);
2.2 2 sets of thermal resistance evaporation power supply (power 3kw), manual switching to meet the evaporation requirements of 2 evaporation boats; thermal resistance evaporation crucible
The pot is matched according to the evaporation material (4 tungsten and molybdenum boats); there is a temperature interference prevention device between the evaporation sources
2.3 Evaporation source baffle: 4 sets of manual control.
3.Sample stage
3.1 Substrate size: 100 × 100mm substrates; (according to drawings provided by the teacher)
3.2 The substrate stage motor is driven by magnetic coupling and sealed drive, and the rotation speed is adjustable from 0 to 20 rpm; the sample stage can be heated: the temperature is from room temperature to 400 ℃, and the temperature is controlled by a temperature meter imported from Japan. The evaporation distance is 300mm.
4.Vacuum background pumping and vacuum measurement
4.1 Compound molecular pump: FF-600 molecular pump 1 set
4.2 Mechanical pumps and solenoid valves: Pumping speed 4 liters per second
4.3 Metal hose connected with molecular pump and mechanical pump: 1 set
4.4 Composite digital vacuum gauges and gauges (Chengdu Ruibao): 1 set
Thermocouple gauge: (KF16 quick release flange) 1.0x103Pa --- 1.0x10-1Pa x 1
Ionization gauge: (CF35 blade flange) 1.0x10-1Pa --- 1.0x10-5Pa x1
4.5 Manual air release valve and manual inflation valve: 2 for vacuum chamber release and vacuum inflation
4.6 DN40 solenoid shut-off valve x 1
5. Water chiller
6.Vacuum chamber lighting device
7. Baking lighting device
8. Film thickness meter (SQM-160)
10. Leak detection and reserved spare ports in the vacuum chamber are reserved.


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