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PCD and PCBN Tools’ Grinder

PCD and PCBN Tools’ Grinder

    Application:  Mainly used for grinding milling cutters, turning tools and drilling machines.
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Zhengzhou Protech Zhengzhou Protech
Detailed Parameters Of The Product
It is a precision tools’ grinding machine which can grind the blade and coordinated with a variety of optional accessories, it can grind milling cutter, turning cutter and driller,etc.
Main Features:
Machine body and all casts are more than 18 months natural ageing.
1.Schneeberger heavy duty and precision linear slide guide for its accuracy and life.
2.Swing mechanism utilizing ball-screw by a servo motor, smoother, more stable and durable. The whole pneumatic system use Japan SMC brand, to get rapid feed and infeed.
3.Linear grating and angle encoder of this model is Fagor, make sure the precision indication.
4.CCD camera with LCD monitor and precision scale for easy set up & inspection in grinding.
5.Optical system for adjustable from 7-45 magiffication even 0.05 radius can be grinded and inspected.

PCD and PCBN Tools’ Grinder

Technical Parameters:

Tip Radius


Grinding Pressure

0-450N adjustable

Spindle Speed

0-4200 RPM adjustable

Grinding Wheel Size

150*40*40mm (D*H*T)

Grinding Wheel Oscillation Frequency

0-45/min adjustable

Grinding Wheel Oscillation Distance

0-70mm adjustable

Grinding Wheel Height Adjustment


Grinding Wheel Traveling Range


Grinding Wheel Inclination


Cross Table Swiveling Angle


Size of Cross Table

210*160mm with 4 T grooves

Readout of Linear Gratings


Spindle Power



1850*2100*1650mm (L*H*W)

Net Weight



Zhengzhou Protech

After-sales serveces

After-sales serveces