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PCD PCBN Vacuum Brazing Machine
model:180*500(Dia.* H)

PCD PCBN Vacuum Brazing Machine

    Application:  Mainly used for brazing ultra-hard materials(PCD/PCBN/MD/ND/CVD),tungsten carbide,ceramics and others, it’s fully automatic and very easy to operate at high efficiency.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

Vacuum Brazing Machine is excellent for brazing ultra-hard materials(PCD/PCBN/MD/ND/CVD).

tungsten carbide,ceramics and others, it’s fully automatic and very easy to operate at high efficiency.

Materials: Natural diamond, Monocrystal diamond, PCD,PCBN,CVD and cerment.

Substrate material: Cermet, tungsten carbide,steel, stainless steel, steel alloy, ceramic,etc.

Main Features:

1. PLC Control, SCR heating, touch panel, automatic implement after simple setting with easy temperature control.

2. No oxidation, clean surface, enviroment-friendly.

3. The machine is fully automatic and once loaded,the cycle time is approximately 70-120 minutes.

4. Reduction of distortion even very small tool insert can be brazed.

5. High brazing strength, 2 times higher than induction welding.

6. Advanced artificial quartz stone for table-board, elegant, high temperature resistance.

(We can also offer OEM according to clients’ requirements)

PCD PCBN Vacuum Brazing Machine

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply

380V-3Phases-5 Wires/ 20KW

Chamber Material

Quartz Glass Tube

Chamber Size

180*500 (Dia. * H )

Brazing Capability

CNGA 1204 apprx. 600pcs/cycle

Max. Temperature


Ultimate Vacuum level

6.7*10-6 torr (6.7-10-4 pa)

Brazing Vacuum level

6.7*10-4 torr (6.7-10-2 pa)

Heating Elements

18pcs halogen tubes

Cooling method

Water cooling

Brazing Process

1. Cleaning

2. Fixing Solder Paste

3. Drying: 200℃ for 30min

4. Vacuum brazing


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