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Microwave drying oven

Microwave drying oven

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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Microwave drying ovenyp7Muffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
Model PTMD-M-S-6
Power · Rated Voltage 380V
· Freqency Range 50HZ
· Total Power ≦7Kw
Microwave devices · Magnetron power 1kw/set
· Magnetron Amount 6set
· Microwave power 6kw
· Microwave Freqency 2450MHz±30MHz
· Overall dimensions 1×1.1×2m(H)  
· Microwave cavity size 1×1×0.6m(H)  
Dehumidification method Top dehumidification  
Air intake Side inlet  
Transformer cooling method Air cooled + oil cooled  
Magnetron cooling method Air cooled  
Temperature measurement method Infrared 0-500C  
Video device No  
Operation Mode PLC+Touch Screen  
Loading and unloading method Manual  
Work status display Voltage Current temperature  
Working environment requirements Temperature: 0-50C  
Humidity: ≦80%  
Safety Protection Failure warning  
Safety signs  
Double chain door protection  
Microwave leakage safety standard ≦1mw/cm2  
Structure Material Microwave cavity 201 Material
Electrical guard
Lower guard
Wet air duct
Dehumidifying fan 0.18kw /Air volume 90m3/hyp7Muffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
/Wind pressure 200pa
Twitching motor MBNW04Y-0.37-C5  
Power 0.38kw 380V 50Hz  
Tray spindle speed: 3r/min  
Microwave drying oven


Zhengzhou Protech

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After-sales serveces