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Dry Oven

Dry Oven

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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

DHG-9000 series of dry oven series of computers using high-quality stainless steel panel mirror stainless steel argon arc welding system. Box shell with high-quality steel, double into the tempered glass. With over-temperature alarm, overheating protection, time setting, binocular display, microcomputer temperature control system.

DZF series of vacuum drying oven on the basis of high-temperature drying coupled with the vacuum conditions, greatly reducing the boiling point and steam pressure, to the experiment and heating process provides a dust-free, no vortex drying process, temperature and environment, So that the vapor of the solvent is easily collected, discharged or reused. In addition, the storage, heating, Oxidation is eliminated because all the storing, heating, testing and drying process are under the atmosphere of no oxygen or inert gas

1. The dry oven is made of high quality steel plate or mirror stainless steel studio, shell spray, double glazing glass observation window,handsome in appearance.
2. Microcomputer intelligent temperature control, overheating protection, time setting, temperature control performance, small fluctuations.
3. Dry oven has a tracking alarm function, stirring hot air circulation, heat loss is small, blast, heating can be independently operated.
4. Independent temperature limit alarm system, beyond the limit temperature that is automatically interrupted to ensure the safe operation of the experiment.
5. Optional RS485 interface to connect the computer


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After-sales serveces