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Lab crucible furnace

Lab crucible furnace

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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Crucible furnace part
Model KJ-V1400-6LZ
crucible size diameter 200*200mm
Crucible Material Corundum Crucible
long-term operating temperature ≦1300℃
maximum operating temperature 1400℃
Temperature Control System 7-inch touch screen intelligent operation, can store 16 process curves, each process can be programmed with 30 segments, and can record temperature data in real time, which can be copied to the computer
Constant temperature accuracy ±1℃(high temperature heat preservation stage)
Over temperature protection With over temperature and broken couple alarm function
heating rate 0-20℃/min
Heating element High temperature silicon carbide rod
Rated voltage Simplex 220V 50Hz
Maximum power 7KW(subject to actual power)
Temperature measuring element S-type thermocouple temperature measurement
Furnace material Using polycrystalline fiber, the material has good thermal insulation performance, high reflectivity and balanced temperature field
shell structure Double-layer shell, inner cylindrical structure pressure-resistant, outer square shell
top seal Stainless steel sealing flange, sealed with sealing ring, and the air inlet is connected to the air circuit.
Customized part A gas collection chamber is added at the gas outlet end to collect gas, and the size is φ100*200mm
                          vacuum system part
Name Bipolar Rotary Vane Pump VRD-24
The main parameters Pumping speed 6.6L/S Vacuum degree 10Pa
vacuum display Inficon Imported digital vacuum gauge, anti-corrosion, accurate reading
capture system φ100mm×200mm Stainless steel tube, material holder device
filter device The pump port is equipped with a filter device to filter the dust and oil pollution, etc., to avoid contamination of the pump oil.
Air system part
Name Two-way proton flowmeter
Gas line Two-way
flow control 7-inch LCD touch screen control, digital display, each gas containing needle valve is individually controlled
link method Double ferrule joint
Flowmeter Mass flowmeter
Flow range Nitrogen: 0-1000 sccm Hydrogen: 0-100 sccm
mixed gas Contains a precision mixing tank
Power supply 220V  50HZ
Working temperature 5℃-45℃
Standard accessories 1 set of vacuum system, 1 set of gas system, 1 corundum crucible, 1 pair of high temperature gloves, 1 crucible hook, 1 set of vacuum pump connecting pipe fittings, 1 set of dismantling flange hexagon wrench, 1 copy of warranty card manual


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