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Split/Pit Crucible Furnace

Split/Pit Crucible Furnace

    Application:  The PT-A1200 university laboratory Pit Crucible Furnace is mainly used for metals and non-metals. and compound materials for sintering, melting and analysis.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Product description:
The PT-A1200 university laboratory Pit Crucible Furnace produced by Protech company integrates the control system and the furnace chamber. The furnace insulation material is formed by integral vacuum adsorption, and the heating element is made of high-quality resistance wire. The heating rate is fast. It is mainly used for metals and non-metals. and compound materials for sintering, melting and analysis. The control panel is equipped with an intelligent temperature regulator, which controls the power switch and the main heating work/stop button for observation at any time.

Main functions and features:
1. The heating element adopts high-quality resistance wire, and the furnace insulation material adopts polycrystalline fiber material, which has good insulation performance, durability, high tensile strength, no foreign balls, high purity, and the energy saving effect is obviously better than that of domestic fiber materials.
2. The entire furnace body adopts a double-layer liner structure with an air gap in the middle. Even if the furnace chamber reaches a high temperature, the surface of the furnace body can still be touched safely without a burning feeling.
3, with over-temperature, broken couple protection function
4. The intelligent PID program is used to control the temperature, and multi-stage heating and cooling programs can be set, which is simple and convenient to operate.

The main technical parameters:
Product name Pit Crucible Furnace
Modeal PT-V1200-2LG
chamber size Φ150*150mm(diameter*height)
Dimensions aboout 650*800*650mm(width*height*depth)
working temperature 1100℃
Max.temperature 1200℃
temperature control system 30-segment programmable automatic control is adjusted by PID mode
Furnace material Alumina polycrystalline fiber
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Temperature control protection With over temperature protection function
heating rate 0-20℃/min Adjustable, recommended 10℃/min
Heating element Resistance wire
Operating Voltage AC 220V Two-phase 50HZ
heating power 3KW
temperature measuring element Type K thermocouple
How to open the door open up
Provide related accessories Crucible tongs, high temperature gloves, thermocouples, warranty cards, manuals, etc.
After-sales service 12 months warranty, excluding wearing parts
 Pit Crucible Furnace


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After-sales serveces

After-sales serveces