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Split Test Cell for Lithium Air Battery Research

Split Test Cell for Lithium Air Battery Research

    Application:  Mainly used in research institutes, colleges and universities, corporate laboratories, etc.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

    The PT-STC-LI-AIR is Split Test Cell for Lithium Air Battery Research. You can control air flow pressure and test various anode and cathode material at easy

Structure Stainless Steel Structure with internal Silver-Clad surface treatment ensures high electrical conductivity and good corrosion protection
Two electrodes design
Electrolyte corrosive-proof PTFE Guide Sleeve and Sealing O-rings
Compact design fits in any benchtop glove boxes
Grooved area on lower split to fixed position of the anode electrode
Cell  Thickness  1~3mm (cathode+separator+anode)
Bottom Recesss  Area 16mm Dia. (The recess area can accommodate the electrodes with size upto 16mm dia.)
Max. Working    Temperature 200°C
Valves &Fittings Two Stainless Steel needle valves and 1/16" tube connector is installed on both gas inlet and outlet 
Dimensions Dia.80x62mm
Optional Anti-crossive Au coating on the cell internal and inserts is an option. $396 surcharge will apply.


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After-sales serveces