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mini muffle furnace
model:PT-1200M mini muffle furnace

mini muffle furnace

    Application:  Chemical analysis, physical determination, sintering and dissolution of metals, ceramics, etc.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

Mini muffle furnace for college, institution, industrial and enterprise doing powder sintering, ceramic sintering, high temperature experiment, and quality inspected. It is suitable for every one hold it for experiment, convenient, and speedy.

Features of mini muffle furnace
1.Compact size, extremely lightweight, touch screen operation.
2.Alloy heating wire makes its temperature point is improved and extend the service life.
3.Heating wire and furnace as a whole, temperature redundancy is big, and the whole machine structure is not easy to damage.

We have a wide range of different optional function furnace to meet different heating requirement, also we accept customer design furnace R&D working, please email us your specific requirement, we will recommend most reasonable choice for you, thanks!

Technical parameters of mini muffle furnace:
Model PT-1200M mini muffle furnace
Display  LED
Limiting temperature  1200°C  
Working temperature ≤1150°C 
Temperature accuracy +/-1°C 
Heating elements  electric wire 
Heating rate Max. 50.C (advice: 10.C/min)
Chamber material Alumina fiber
Temperature control 30 segments programmed setting control
Chamber size 100×100×100mm
Quality guarantee 12 month (exclusive wearing part)

mini muffle furnace 
Mini muffle furnace can be customized according to customers’requirements.


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After-sales serveces