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Precision CNC Dicing / Cutting Saw with Digital Controller

Precision CNC Dicing / Cutting Saw with Digital Controller

    Application:  Widely used in geology, minerals, metallurgy, electronics, building materials, ceramics, chemicals, light industry, medicine, environmental protection and other departments. It is an ideal equipment for scientific research, experimental production and material research.
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Zhengzhou Protech Zhengzhou Protech
Detailed Parameters Of The Product
    SYJ-800 is a CE certified dicing saw designed for dicing and cutting almost all kinds of materials up to 8" diameter wafer or 8" L x 8" W x 1" H components. The SYJ-800 saw can be programmable by computer with position accuracy of 0.01 mm. The sample stage with two-angle adjustment allows customers to cut materials at the desired angle with +/- 0.5° tolerance. It is an excellent tool for dicing Al2O3 ceramic sheet and Si or Ge wafer for electronic substrate and solar power panel.

Technical parameters:

Voltage AC 110V 
Motor  1/2 HP high torque DC motor (110V) with 0-3000.RPM
Effective Cutting Range  Three  dimension:   X-axis: 8"      Y-axis:8"        Z-axis: 2" ( depth )
Accuracy  0.0025 mm moving resolution and 0.01 mm position accuracy. 
Cutting Blades Two diamond blades are included:
One 4" dia x 0.35mm (thickness) x 0.5" arbor  fully sintered diamond blade 
Two 4" dia x 0.35mm (thickness) x 0.5" arbor edge sintered diamond blades

Control Mode  Manual control /  Automatic digital control from control box
Sample Stage and Holder One 220mm diameter glass sample plate and 8" vacuum chuck are included
( The glass sample plate has flat surface which can be soaked and 
hold in position by vacuum chuck.Also the glass plate can prevent the 
vacuum chuck from being damaged by saw blade in cutting process.)

Water Cooling  Assemblies of water jetting, draining, and splashing protection are included. 
Net Weight 50 kg
Shipping Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions Machine: 740 x570 x700 mm
Control box: 340 x260 x190 mm
Warranty  One year limited with lifetime support --- including all electronic and mechanical parts, but not including
 damaged parts caused by misuse, such as rusted part from inadequate 
storage and broken parts by the user. 
Certification  CE certified 

Description  Quantity
Controller with connecting cables, power cord 1 set
120L/min Oilless Vacuum Pump 1 set
Ø203.2mm dia. vacuum chuck  1 pcs
Water splash guard for covering 6" blade   1 pcs
Water splash guard for covering 4" blade   1 pcs
Wax for gluing samples   4 pcs
Graphite plate for holding samples   2 pcs
4" dia x 0.4mm (thickness) x 0.5" arbor edge sintered diamond blade   2 pcs
Fully sintered diamond blade 4"x 0.33mm x 1/2" arbor  1 pcs
Blade clamps (90 mm in dia.)  1 pair
Blade clamps (62 mm in dia.) 1 pair
Blade clamps (42 mm in dia.)  1 pair
HexaScrew drivers   1 set
Water and drain hoses(Ø16mm, Ø20mm)  1 set
Operation manual and software  1 set
Plastic splash-protection cover  1 set
Φ 220mm Glass Sample Plate  1 pc
A 14"-15" laptop with software installed  1 set

ECO421 [Optional] Stereo microscope set (click to enlarge picture)
DMCA45  Digital microscope head for M45 microscope with software


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