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Heavy Duty Lab Roller Mill upto 25 kg with 2 Liter SS Tank -

Heavy Duty Lab Roller Mill upto 25 kg with 2 Liter SS Tank -

    Application:  Widely used in geology, minerals, metallurgy, electronics, building materials, ceramics, chemicals, light industry, medicine, environmental protection and other departments. It is an ideal equipment for scientific research, experimental production and material research.
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Zhengzhou Protech Zhengzhou Protech
Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Application:va3Muffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
    The MSK-SFM-14 is a heavy duty roller mill designed for the crushing, grinding, dispersion, and emulsification of metals, non-metals, organic materials, herbs, and other powders. It utilizes high-speed rolling with an abrasive grinding tank to produce the necessary impact and shear forces to process the materials. The flexibility and compact design of this model makes it suitable for laboratory researches and readily satisfies the needs of production simulation given its low-volume, low-power, and low-cost advantages. Tanks of various sizes with a maximum load of 25 kg can be used.va3Muffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
va3Muffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
Technical parameters:
va3Muffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
  • Default AC208 - 240V, 50/60Hz single phase
  • Power plug is not included.
  • AC110V is available with a 750W transformer which will be included in the package .
Power 370 W
Movement Programmable by digital controllerva3Muffle Furnace,Tube Furnace,Vacuum Furnace,Atmosphere Furnac
  • continuous rotary
  • indirectly rotary
  • forward and backward rolling
  • Adjustable by fequency controller 
  • Speed varible from 60 RPM to 600 RPM 
Digital controller
  • Digital display and control the roller speed rotation in rpm 
  • Running time can be set up from 1-9999 minutes
Rollers & Tank (Jar) size
  • The space of two Rollers and driving wheels length are adjustable by screw
  • Max. driving load is 30lbs
  • Can accept milling tank with length 150~290 mm, and diameter 100~190mm (with cover closed) or to 300mm (with cover open and safety lock sensor deactivated)
  • 2 liter stainless steel jar shown in the picture below-center is available in the option bar. 
Milling Media One group stainless steel milling ball is available in the option bar.
Minimum Output Particle Size 200~1000 Mesh
Maximum Load-in Particle Size <10um
Application Notes You may consider to put this roller mill into our glove box:mill with sensitive material
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Compliance CE Certified
Product Dimensions 730 L x 415 W x 250 H, mm
Net Weight 50 kg
Shipment Dimension  45" x30" x 38"
Shipment weight 280 lbs


Zhengzhou Protech

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