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Roll-to-roll PECVD Furnace

Roll-to-roll PECVD Furnace

    Application:  It is mainly used for continuous growth of graphene films or continuous special equipment for linear materials.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Brief introdction:
Roll-to-roll PECVD is a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition equipment (PECVD), and is equipped with a rewinding and unwinding device. This equipment can be used in the continuous heat treatment process of wire, such as carbon fiber preparation, alloy and other material wire modification treatment and other applications. It is also suitable for continuous growth of graphene on coils. The equipment includes five parts: roll-to-roll rewinding and unwinding movement module, 1200℃ dual temperature zone openable tube furnace module, PE plasma enhancement module, vacuum system and three-way proton flow meter gas supply system. The whole system can be used in vacuum/atmosphere. Work in a protected environment. The speed of the unwinding and unwinding mechanism is adjustable from 1 to 400mm/min, and the mechanism adopts feedback adjustment, which can automatically correct the speed deviation to ensure that the speed of the sample is stable and not aliased, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the experiment

Detail intruduction:

Technical parameters of roll-to-roll PECVD:

1200℃ double temperature
zone tube furnace
Power supply voltage AC220V,50Hz
*High power 3KW
Heating temperature zone Double temperature zone 200mm+200mm
Working temperature ≤1200℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Temperature control method AI-PID 30-segment process curve, can store multiple
Furnace tube material high purity quartz
Furnace tube size φ80mm I.D x 1400mm L
Sealing method Stainless steel vacuum flange
Vacuum measurement resistance gauge
Working gas Hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, oxygen and other non-corrosive gases
Vacuum pump Bipolar rotary vane vacuum pump
Ultimate vacuum degree 10^-1Pa
Three-way mass flow meter Valve type Stainless steel needle valve
Number of gas channels Three channels
Pressure range 0.05~0.3MPa
Range 1~100 SCCM(Ar)
1~200 SCCM(H2)
1~500 SCCM (CH4)
Flow control range ±1.5%
Mixing tank volume 750mL
Gas path material 304 stainless steel
Pipe connection 6.35mm ferrule joint
Power supply AC220V 50Hz
S RF power supply Output power 500W
Output accuracy ±1%
RF frequency 13.56MHz
RF stability ±0.005%
Cooling method Air cooling



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