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Microwave vacuum furnace

Microwave vacuum furnace

    Application:  Mainly used in powder metallurgy, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, battery materials and other inorganic oxide powder sintering preparation, industrial production, scientific experiments and other fields.
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Zhengzhou Protech Zhengzhou Protech
Detailed Parameters Of The Product

    In addition to meet microwave furnace atmosphere all applications, especially can be applied to: Iron base, copper base powder metallurgy and sintering of hard alloy products Sintered ndfeb magnetic material The nitride, carbide metal powder materials.

Outstanding features 
1. Using special industrial microwave source, to ensure the continuous stable for a long time.
2. Stepless adjustable microwave output power, achieve precise temperature control curve.
3. Set 2 gas channel, fine controllable atmosphere.
4. Imported high precision infrared thermometer, direct measurement of the sample temperature.
5. Equipped with embedded microcomputer control system, provide manual and automatic, constant temperature three operating modes and are free to switch.
6. All kinds of heat insulation for the original special crucible and choice, no pollution for material.
7. Can process various microwave properties of materials, excellent versatility.
8. Set the anti-corrosive exhaust passage, it can be heated fast discharge process of gas; 
9. Real-time temperature curve, according to realize the dynamic monitoring of the heating process; 
10. Multiple containment microwave shielding design, safe and reliable protection. 
Technical parameters
PTlab PT3000 PT4500
Max.temperature 1400 ℃
 (103 pa vacuum) 1600℃ atmosphere condition
1400 ℃ 
(103 pa vacuum) 1600℃ atmosphere condition
Temperature accuracy +-0.1% +-0.1%
Atmosphere system Oxidation, protective and weak reducing 
Oxidation, protective and weak reducing 
Final vacuum
10-3 pa 10-3 pa
Chamber size 500*560mm 500*560mm
Loading space 110*110mm 110*110mm
Output power 0.3-2.85KW(adjustable) 0.3-4.2KW(adjustable)
Power  9Kw 12Kw
Temperature measurement way infrared temperature measurement infrared temperature measurement
Control mode PC PC
Setting process curve yes yes
Cooling way Water cooling Water cooling


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