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 Induction non-ferrous melting furnace

Induction non-ferrous melting furnace

    Application:  Mainly used in powder metallurgy, material research, metal smelting, battery material research, scientific experiment and other fields.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

Protech induction melting furnace is mainly used for non-ferrous metal melting, such as, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, etc. It is a convenient choice for handicraft workshop, laboratory and small melt factory.

Outstanding features of Induction melting furnace :
1. The Power Unit is based on IGBT, imported from Germany.
2. High power factor, and energy efficient.
3. Heating duty running, 24 hours 100% full loading.
4. Easier and more safe operation comparing with the traditional oil/gas heaters.
5. Timing function applied for heating duration setting, adjustable (0.1s-99.9s).

Technical parameters of Induction melting furnace :

Main Model 
Max. Input power 
Smelting capacity for the normal material 
Iron, steel, stainless steel,  Brass, copper, gold, silver  Aluminum and aluminum alloy
GP-15 7KW 1KG 2KG 1KG
GP-25 15KW 2KG 5KG 2KG
ZP-15 15KW 3KG 10KG 3KG
ZP-25 25KW 5KG 20KG 5KG
ZP-35 35KW 10KG 30KG 10KG
ZP-45 45KW 18KG 50KG 18KG
ZP-70 70KW 25KG 100KG 25KG
ZP-90 90KW 40KG 120KG 40KG
ZP-110 110KW 50KG 150KG 50KG
ZP-160 160KW 100KG 250KG  100KG 
ZP-240 240KW 150KG 400KG 150KG
ZP-300 300KW 200KG 500KG 200KG
For more amount smelting, please contact us. 

We have a wide range of different optional function furnace to meet different heating requirement, also we accept customer design furnace R&D working, please email us your specific requirement, we will recommend most reasonable choice for you, thanks!


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