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Induction heat treatment furnace

Induction heat treatment furnace

    Application:  Mainly used in powder metallurgy, material research, metal smelting, battery material research, scientific experiment and other fields.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

Heat treatment furnace includes medium frequency furnace, supersonic frequency furnace, high frequency furnace. The input power affects the heating rate, so different power have to designed according to the amount of the workpiece, heating temperature and heating rate. 

1. IGBT Inverter technology and series resonance circuit

2. Wide frequency range from 0.5~10KHz

3. Digital inverter control technology 

4. High efficiency and energy saving 10%~30%

5. 24 hour continuous work duty, 100% full loading 

6. Easy installation and operation 

6. It can be designed for diathermy, smelting, brazing and heat treatment, etc. 


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After-sales serveces