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vacuum baffle valve

vacuum baffle valve

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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

    KF series of high vacuum baffle valve is one of the important components of the vacuum system, relying on manual rotary knob open and close the valve plate can be used for high vacuum pipe opening and closing mechanism, and the valve plate are set up and down movement limit device, To ensure the valve plate seals and bellows life.

Product Model KF25、KF40
Main Features Applicable to medium for air and low corrosive gases.
1、Material: the body is aluminum alloy stainless steel carbon steel nickel, valve plate, stem for the stainless steel, seals for the nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber
2、Use range:1×10-5Pa-2×105Pa
3、Valve body leakage rate:1.3×10-7Pa·L/s


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