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Ceramic Fiber heating chamber with resistance wire

Ceramic Fiber heating chamber with resistance wire

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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

    fiber furnace is composed of various grades of fire-resistant fibers at different temperatures, a small amount of inorganic and organic binders in different proportions blend. Temperature from 800 ℃ to 1250 ℃.Keijia hearth structure mainly unique splicing, can be anti-heat shrinkage, long service life, the chamber will not crack, fall off the roof will not collapse. Usually within 1250 ℃ furnace is used mainly to resistance wire heating element, consider the process by vacuum forming one made, it has excellent heat insulation properties and dual heating, temperature can be from 300-1250 ℃. Mainly used as laboratory equipment, muffle furnace lining. Light weight, fast heating, good insulation effect than the traditional heavy refractory furnace energy saving more than 30%, and the ceramic fiber material does not chemically react with the guinea pigs, laboratory equipment of choice for high temperature.

l High temperature stability, thermal shock resistance, anti-erosion
l Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity
l Hard and high adhesive strength within itself, it has a Machinability and cutting performance.
l Direct contact with the flame, easy to install

Our Other High Temperature Material

Product name Applications
Ceramic fiber blanket Thermal insulation for spaceflight, steel plant, petrochemical plant, 
military equipment, high temperature pipelines, electrical components; 
Lining of industrial furnaces, heating equipment; 
also used to make high temperature gasket, module and collapse block.
Ceramic fiber board Lining of cement kiln and other architectural furnaces and kilns; 
lining of industrial furnaces and kilns in petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramic, 
glass, heat treatment, nonferrous metals field; 
lining of high-temperature reaction and heating equipment.
Ceramic fiber rope Sealing and thermal insulation of door, flue, brick expansion gap of industrial 
furnaces and kilns; sealing and packing of burner, heat ex-changer,
 high temperature pipeline of industrial furnaces and kilns.
Ceramic fiber paper Thermal insulation, sealing, electric insulation, sound absorption, 
filter in high temperature environment.
Ceramic fiber cotton Lining of industrial furnaces and kilns, boiler; thermal insulation in thermal equipment like 
steam engine, gas engine; flexible thermal insulation material for high temperature pipeline, 
thermal reactor; high temperature gasket
 high temperature filter; fireproofing of industrial furnaces and kilns, electrical components; 
thermal insulation of incinerator, investment casting; also used to make module and collapse
 block, veneering modules.
Ceramic fiber cloth Thermal insulation of industrial furnaces and kilns, high temperature pipeline and container, 
engine and instrument; fireproofing equipment and thermal cover; fire-proof suit; sound absorption; substitute of asbestos cloth.
Ceramic fiber module Lining of industrial furnaces and kilns in petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramic, 
glass, heat treatment field.


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