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Denatl Porcelain Press Furnace

Denatl Porcelain Press Furnace

    Application:  Digital programmable design. Mainly used in enamel porcelain for dentures. The automatic lifting tray design adopts an oil-free vacuum pump. And it has the characteristics of high-quality wear-resistant plate, high temperature accuracy and high vacuum.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Item Name Model Qty Unit EXW Price
1  Press Furnace PT-P1200 1 Set USD(***)

2.Product Basic Specification:
Vacuum  level 1-101% The max temperature 1200C max
(22830 F)
The velocity of temperature increasing :
200C/min max.
(3920 F /minute)
The time which can be kept at the max temperature 2 H
Operation range 100-120V 50/60HZ 230V 50/60HZ Electric current 14.5ampere@110V   7.0ampere@230V
Power max 1500w WXDXH width 27cm Depth 36cm Height 70cm
Usable measure (firing chamber) 9cm 3.5" Net weight 22Kg
Indoor use
Ambient temperature: 20 C to 400 C
Relative humidity 80% at 31oC
Maximum altitude : 1500 m (Special Model:3500m)
Rated voltage fluctuations must not exceed plus/minus 10% of the rated voltage


dental furnace
This dental press furnace allowed you have a cost-effective, high-quality die-casting and sintering process,  It's a good choice if you want dental press equipment.
This furnace features a color touch screen, modern icons, a clear structural menu and a membrane-sealed keyboard for easy operation, allowing users to directly access the desired program or setup options with a single click.
Parts List
•  press furnace.
•  firing pan
•  connection cable for the mains power supply
•  furnace tweezers
•  Tongs
•  Press rod
• Embedding ring 100g
• Cooling rack

dental furnace


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After-sales serveces