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Dental Fast Sintering Furnace

Dental Fast Sintering Furnace

    Application:  Used in denture processing plants to complete the rapid sintering of zirconia crowns. It is widely used for high temperature sintering and metal annealing in universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Brief Introduction:
Protech fast sintering furnace is mainly used for the sintering of
zirconia materials and also can be used in the field of powder
metallurgical for the high temperature sintering and annealing of the
materials.The main features are as below:
l  Simple English touch screen control panel
l  Various programmed curve setting available
l  Exclusive elements to avoid zirconia discoloration
l  Compact cylindrical chamber with auto lift and drop tray
l  Fast heating speed up to 100c/Mins
l  Auto lifting down when finish cooling

dental furnace

Technical Parameter:
Chamber structure Circular and bottom lift
Display Touch Screen LCD
Max Temperature 1700°C
Usable Range ≤1600°C
Heating Rate 0~50°C/min below 1000C
Suggestion 0~20°C/min from 1000C - 1600C
Inside Chamber Size Φ90×110mm
Heating Element Torch MoSi2 Heating elements 
Thermocouple B Type
Max. Power 4.0KW
Working Voltage AC110-240V, 50/60hz
Temperature Control PID automatic control via SCR power control
Warranty One year limited warranty (Consumable parts
such as heating elements are not covered by
the warranty)

Packing list:
dental furnace


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After-sales serveces

After-sales serveces