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Intelligent high temperature box furnace

Intelligent high temperature box furnace

    Application:  Realize layered management to place materials, and materials can be fully burned.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
The box type heat treatment furnace takes the high temperature molybdenum containing resistance wire as the heating element and adopts the four side heating method to ensure the heating uniformity of the furnace. The heat preservation material adopts the high temperature fiber module with good heat preservation. The top of the furnace has an exhaust hole to ensure the emission of waste gas in the production process. The inside of the furnace is equipped with a 5-layer furnace frame made of 310S stainless steel material to ensure the full combustion of materials. Temperature control by program can set up multi-stage program.

Product features:
1. Appearance design electric furnace adopts humanized design, beautiful and easy to operate, and the outer layer of paint adopts high temperature baking technology. With high temperature, oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion and oxidation resistance is better than painting process. The color shall be aging resistant, and the appearance color will not fade due to long use time.
2. Shell design the shell of the electric furnace adopts double-layer forced air cooling structure, which makes the external temperature of the shell close to the room temperature at the highest temperature of the electric furnace and avoids the occurrence of accidental injury.
3. The furnace material adopts the advanced fiber module in the world, with excellent heat preservation effect, light weight, high temperature resistance, quick cooling and hot resistance, no crack, no crystallization, no slag falling, and no need to worry about the pollution of the fired products. The energy-saving effect is 60-80% of the old electric furnace.

Technical parameters:
Model PT-M1200-512L
Product Name Intelligent high temperature box furnace
Working temperature 1200℃
Maximum temperature 1100℃
Temperature accuracy +/- 1 °C
Furnace material Fiber module
Heating element High temperature molybdenum resistance wire
Working voltage AC 110-480V  50-60Hz
12 month (exclusive wearing part)


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After-sales serveces