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Three temperature zone slide rail tube furnace

Three temperature zone slide rail tube furnace

    Application:  Used in experiments of universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, etc., it is an ideal equipment for low-cost rapid heat treatment.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

Product Overview:
1200℃ three-temperature zone sliding rail tube furnace is a sliding three-temperature zone tube furnace, the outer diameter of the quartz tube is 80mm, and the maximum temperature is 1200°C. A pair of slide rails are installed at the bottom of the furnace, which can slide the furnace from one side of the furnace tube to the other side to achieve rapid heating and rapid cooling. To achieve the fastest heating, you can preheat the furnace to the required temperature and slide the furnace body to the sample position. To achieve the fastest cooling, you can slide the furnace body to the other side after heating the sample. It is an ideal equipment for low-cost rapid heat treatment.

Technical Parameter:

Shell structure

Double air cooling

Furnace material

Alumina refractory fiber

Maximum temperature


Operating temperature


Heating rate


Heating element

Resistance wire

power supply

220V 50HZ

Temperature control

Adopt PID method to adjust the temperature, 30 sections of temperature rise and fall programs can be set, with over-temperature and burnout protection


Type K

Length of heating zone


Tube diameter


Furnace tube

High purity quartz tube

Furnace tube length



Chrome-plated steel double slide rail

Slide rail length

About 2500mm


A set of 304 stainless steel sealing flange, sealed with silicone sealing ring, easy to assemble, and can be repeatedly disassembled

Passable gas

Inert gas (slightly positive pressure)


The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, except for consumables and man-made damage

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