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1700C Muffle Atmosphere Furnace

1700C Muffle Atmosphere Furnace

    Application:  Used in the production and experiment of ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemicals, machinery, refractory materials, new material development, special materials, building materials and other fields.
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Zhengzhou Protech Zhengzhou Protech
Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Product name:
 1700℃ furnace door can be turned box-type atmosphere furnace
Product number:
 660x1550x760mm (more specifications can be customized according to customer requirements)
Effective size of furnace:
Normal working temperature:
Maximum working temperature:
Furnace material Alumina polycrystalline fiber:
Temperature control method
 Intelligent 30-segment programmable control (users can choose LCD touch screen display)
Sealing system:
 The furnace door and roof are sealed with high temperature silicone rubber, and the furnace door is equipped with a water cooling system. The furnace has an air inlet and an air outlet that can be ventilated with argon, nitrogen and other gases, and can be vacuumed.
Temperature control accuracy:
Temperature control protection:
 With over-temperature and burnout protection function
Heating rate
Heating element
 Special high-quality silicon molybdenum rod
Operating Voltage
 AC 220V single-phase 50HZ (circuit voltage users can choose to customize)
Maximum power
Temperature test element
 B-type thermocouple temperature measurement
net weight
Furnace structure optional
 Vertical, horizontal, integrated, separate
Optional opening method
 Side opening, top opening, bottom opening, side sliding
Provide related accessories
 Crucible tongs, high temperature gloves, thermocouples, mat bricks, door plugs
Electrical certification CE certification
After-sales service 12 months warranty, lifetime warranty


Zhengzhou Protech

After-sales serveces

After-sales serveces