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Magnetic pull rod type CVD equipment for preparing molybdenum sulfide

Magnetic pull rod type CVD equipment for preparing molybdenum sulfide

    Application:  Application: Graphene growth, carbon nanotube development, silicon nitride film deposition, two-dimensional material growth, crystal material battery electrode field.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Main Feature:
  The feature of this equipment is that the sulfur powder is placed in the cold zone at the left end, and when the vulcanization process starts, the sulfur powder is pushed into the thermal field by a pull rod type. The control circuit adopts fuzzy PID program control technology, which has high temperature control accuracy, small temperature impact range, reliable performance, and simple and easy operation. The same applies to CVD processes, such as silicon carbide coating, ceramic substrate conductivity testing, controlled growth of ZnO nanostructures, ceramic capacitor (MLCC) atmosphere sintering and other experiments.
Technical Parameter:

tube size  ODΦ25/50/60/80/100*1000mm(OPTIONAL)
Max. temp 1200℃
Working temp. ≤1100 ℃
temp. control l PID automatic control and auto-tune function.
l 30 programmable segments for precise thermal processing.
l Built-in protection for the over-heated and broken thermocouple. 
heating rate ≤50℃/min
heating zone length 200+200mm
constant zone length 100+100mm
temp. acuuracy ±1 ℃
voltage single phase,220V,50Hz
Standard range 50sccm、100sccm、200sccm、500sccm; optional
pumping 10m³/h
vacuum 5.0X10-1Pa

Magnetic pull rod type CVD equipment
Magnetic pull rod type CVD equipment


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