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Precision Wire Saw with Sample Stage and Diamond Wire - 4"

Precision Wire Saw with Sample Stage and Diamond Wire - 4"

  • temperature:
    • 1200
    • 1400
    • 1700
  • chamber size:
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
STX-402 is a CE certified precision diamond wire saw. It is designed to provide smooth cutting or slicing for all kinds of materials, especially for very brittle crystals, such as SrTiO3, ZnO, LiNbO3 and GaAs etc. It cuts crystal by a diamond impregnated wire (0.28 mm diameter) which moves repeatedly backwards and forwards with automatic controller. It is equipped with a sample holder with three angles adjustable. Cutting program can by set up by " touch screen " on Color LCD to set up wire speed, cutting speed, slicing diameter and thickness. Built in optical sensor to monitor wire bending which will stop feeding if diamond wire loses tension or breaks. EQ-STX-402 is an ideal cutting tool for your R&D and laboratory of crystal and ceramic
Technical parameters:
Power Supply 220 V 50/60Hz (110V as an option)
Max. cutting sample 110mm x 110mm
Wire moving speed 0 - 2 m/sec
Wire length Max. 65 m
Cooling Circulating water/coolant by water pump (include)
Controller 6" color touch-screen
Structure Heavy duty Aluminum alloy
Shipping Dimensions 1040mm x 850mm x 1075mm (41"x34"x43")
Shipping weight 150 kg (330 lbs)
Warranty One year limited, not include diamond wire and rusted part.
Certification CE Certified
Application Notes
  • The flow rate of coolent is adjustable by the valve in the blue feeding tubing. 
  • Please adjust it properly to improving cutting performance. 
  • Please use correct cutting fluid. Don't use tap water or any other fluid would cause corrosion of machine parts. 
  • Must clean the machine after each use.
Item  No.  Description     
SXT-001 50mm driver 1pcs 
SXT-002 Auto-tensed wheel 2pcs (1 has been installed on the machine)
SXT-003 power cable 1pcs
SXT-004 spool handle 1pcs
SXT-005 hex-angle screw driver 4pcs
SXT-006 leading wheel 4pcs (2 have been installed on the machine)
SXT-006 spanner for wire-installer 1pcs
SXT-007 triangle block 1pcs
SXT-008 water splash guard plate 2pcs (big)
SXT-009 water splash guard plate 2pcs (small)
SXT-010 65m cutting wire (0.28mm) 2pcs  (1 on the machine)
SXT-011 wire guiding adjustable 1pcs
SXT-012 wire-installer 1pcs
SXT-013 coolant circulating tank /pump


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