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Three temperature zone rotary tube furnace

Three temperature zone rotary tube furnace

  • temperature:
    • 1200
    • 1400
    • 1700
  • chamber size:
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Three temperature controllers of three temperature zone tiltable rotary tubular furnace can independently control the temperature, and can set up 30 temperature rise and fall programs. Temperature zone 1 (the center of heating zone) is heated by silicon molybdenum rod, and the other two temperature zones are heated by silicon carbon rod. This tubular furnace can form a temperature gradient, adjust the temperature of three temperature zones, and prepare functional materials under the thermal gradient, which is also suitable for CVD method Thin film epitaxial growth was made

Scope of application:
It is mainly used for experiments and small batch production in Colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. It is used in the process of pre sintering, sintering, coating, high temperature pyrolysis and low temperature deposition (CVD) of electronic ceramic products.

Technical Parameter:

Chamber structure

Split door


Tilt and rotate: 0-15rpm


Vacuum pump set


Digital Display Vacuum Gauge

Yin Fukang

Mass flow meter three channel

Ar 0-8Slm,C2H2 0-2 slm,C2H2 0-2 slm

Temperature Display


Max. Temp.


Working Temperature

Recommend ≤1050°C

Heating Rate

0~50°C/min (Max. 50°C/min )

Temp. Control Accuracy


Tube Size

stainless steel tube :Total tube size 1.2m

Inner diameter: 200mm

Heating zone:600mm

Lifters: four, total length500mm

Max. Power


Working Voltage

AC 460V three phase, 60Hz 

Temperature Control

PID automatic control via SCR power control

Heating curves

16 steps programmable 

Chamber material

Alumina Fiber

Three temperature zone rotary tube furnace


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