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Matters needing attention in the operation of box atmosphere furnace

   Most of Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology’s recent customers use box-type vacuum heat treatment furnaces, which are basically used in various colleges, universities, laboratories, factories and mining enterprises, for chemical composition analysis, physical determination, and sintering of metal materials and ceramics. It is used for heating, firing, drying and heat treatment of melting, small and medium-sized steel parts.
box atmosphere furnace
   However, these problems are often encountered during the operation of the box-type vacuum heat treatment furnace. The following Nuotai Technology summarizes the following common problems in the operation of vacuum heat treatment furnace procedures:
1) Be sure to disconnect the switch power supply when loading and taking samples to prevent electric shock;
2) Do not exceed the maximum temperature of the box-type vacuum heat treatment furnace during use;
3) It is forbidden to pour all liquid into the furnace;
4) The opening time of the furnace door should be as short as possible when loading and taking samples to increase the life of the electric furnace;
5) Wear special gloves when loading and taking samples to prevent burns;
5) Do not put samples stained with oil and water into the furnace; do not use clamps stained with oil and water to load samples;
6) Do not touch the electric furnace and surrounding samples at will;
7) The samples should be placed in the middle of the furnace, neatly arranged, and do not pile up;
8) Switch off the power supply and water source after use;


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