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Zhengzhou Protech
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  • temperature:
    • 1200
    • 1400
    • 1700
  • chamber size:
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Zhengzhou Protech Zhengzhou Protech
Detailed Parameters Of The Product
1. No craze to sinter zirconia teeth
2. Compress sintering time 50%
3. No pollution to material.
4. More finer grain size
Our new entry-level microwave dental sinter furnace HAMiLab-DS1500 offers twice the crucible capacity of any microwave  dental  furnace  previously  available.  With  all-new  industrial  components  and  powerful  new  1.4
Kilowatt microwave thermo-coupler, the HAMiLab-DS1500 raises the bar for microwave sintering of Zirconia copings and frameworks in small dental laboratory environments. A single HAMiLab-DS1500 furnace produces sintered zirconia copings and frameworks faster than ALL of the competitive traditional furnaces on the market COMBINED (faster than a if you had a dozen traditional furnaces).
- Sinter up to 50 units at a time
- Standard 90 minute sintering cycle
- Reduce sintering time by 80%
- Save up to 90% on electricity
- Up to 20% stronger structures
- Color touch-screen control
- Optical infrared pyrometer
- Industrial quality components
- Two USB Ports, 40 Programs
- Air-cooled design
- Replacement thermo-coupler included
Application field:
Used for sintering false tooth made of inorganic material and zirconia.
Technical specification:

Technical specification
Model PTLab-DS1500
Voltage AC 110/220 plus/minus 10V/50/60Hz,
Rating power 4.0KW
Microwave output power 0.2-1.40 KW continuously variable
Microwave frequency 2.45 GHzplus/minus 25MHz
Max working temperature 1600 celsius degree
Temperature measuring way IR thermometer(U.S.A. Raytek)
Temperature range 250 celsius degree -1650celsius degree.
Temperature accuracy plus/minus 0.5%
Atmosphere system air
Max loading space 80x80x30mm(LxWxH)
Control system embeded system and touch screen
Microwave leakage less than 1mw/cm2, (national standard is less than 5 mw/cm2)
System outside dimension 800x700x700mm(LxWxH)


Zhengzhou Protech

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After-sales serveces