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Alumina fiber ceramic plates

Alumina fiber ceramic plates

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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

    The alumina ceramics fiber board used alumina substrate as refractory and insulation material, take ceramic fiber as the main raw materials, after fiber processing, slag removing, then add some binder, through vacuum forming process and drying process, to be made into high strength fiber board. 

Application of  alumina ceramic plates
♦ The wall liner and back lining materials of high-temperature reaction, reheating equipment and various industrial furnace .
♦ Insulating and fire proof plate of furnace door and roof or house chimney and fireplace.
♦ Lows fire proof and insulation for chimney cake ovens, pizza oven.
♦ boilers and heater combustion chamber

Certification of Alumina ceramic plates 
Our products have passed the ISO9000 certification, CE certification, all products are in accordance with ISO9000:2000 quality management.Our diversity of products
 to meet all kinds of consumer demand.

Advantage of Alumina ceramic plates 

1. Excellent thermal stability.

2. Excellent chemistry quality.

3. Resistance to burning.

4. Low thermal conductivity. 

Ceramic Fiber Board

Model Common Standard High-purity High-Aluminum Zirconic
Classification Temperature 1050°c 1260°c 1260°c 1400°c 1400°c
Permanent linear change after heating(%) 950°c×24h≤-3 1050°c×24h≤-3 1100°c×24h≤-3 1200°c×24h≤-3 1280°c×24h≤-3
Theoretical Thermal Conductivity(W/M.K) 0.065-0.085(200°c)
Organic content(%) ≤8
Bulk density(kg/m3) 280-320
Water content(%) ≤1
Dimensions(mm) 1000/900×1200/600×10/20/30/40/50



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