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rotary CVD system

rotary CVD system

    Application:  Graphene growth, carbon nanotube development, silicon nitride film deposition, two-dimensional material growth, crystal material battery electrode field.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Main features
The tube of the device can rotate 360°, which helps the sintering of the powder to be more uniform, can be inclined at a large angle, and is convenient for feeding and discharging. The inclination angle is  Between 0-35°
Structure specification:consist of Liquid gasification , Heating system, feeding system, discharging system, gas control system, low vacuum system, furnace tube rotation system, electronically controlled operating system
Liquid gasification:Gasification of the liquid can reach 200 degrees
The heating cavity adopts alumina fiber products, and its extremely low thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity ensure rapid heating and low heat storage of the furnace, and is particularly suitable for material process research of scientific research units. The heating element is heated by a resistance wire and is suitable for medium and low temperature heating systems.
Temperature control system adopts the classic closed-loop negative feedback control system. The temperature control instrument uses intelligent program temperature adjustment instrument temperature control and power modulator control; the load uses small voltage and large current control, which greatly improves the life of the heating element. The temperature measuring element adopts a K type thermocouple. The single-loop temperature controller can self-tune the PID parameters without the intervention of the operator. It can adjust the output signal according to the rising and lowering requirements of different temperature curves. At the same time, the system sets the over-temperature, under-temperature and break-off alarm protection functions. Reduced the need for operator experience.

Power 4KW
Voltage AC220V  50/60Hz
Max. temp 1200℃
Constant working temp 1100℃
Tube  size Ø60*420*2+Ø100*360mm
Furnace tube rotation rate 0~60r/min
Furnace body inclination angle 0~35°
chamber Alumina, high temperature fiber
thermocouple K type
Temp accuracy ±1℃
Temp control PID automatic control with 30 steps programmable
10”LCD touch screen control
Heating zone length 200mm+200mm
Constant zone length 250mm
Heating element Resistance wire
Eeeding system
The feeding system speed is continuously adjustable. When the feeding is stopped and the furnace body is tilted to the maximum, the material will not leak from the outside of the feeding system. The feeding system is easy to disassemble, and the material can be manually fed after disassembly, and the equipment can operate normally.

Feeding rate 0.2-100ml/min
Particle size <0.5mm

Discharging system
can automatically discharge when the furnace body is inclined and discharged.
Gas control system
The four gases can be controlled to mix and match according to different flow rates, and can also be independently controlled. The mass flow meter is installed in a sealed movable cabinet, and is composed of a super clean double-throw stainless steel tube and a precision double ferrule joint.

Connector Double ferrule stainless steel joint
Standard range(N2) 100sccm 200sccm ,500sccm,optional
accuracy ±1.5%F.S
Linearity ±1%F.S
Repeatability ±0.2%F.S
Response time Gas characteristics:1~4 Sec,Electrical characteristics:10 Sec
Working pressure range 0.1~0.5 MPa
Max.pressure 3MPa
Connector Φ6,1/4''
Display  3 figrues show
Working tem. environment 5~45 High purity gas
Pressure vacuum gauge -0.1~0.15 MPa, 0.01 MPa/grid
valve Φ6
Low vacuum system
Equipped with a vacuum mechanical pump that can be vacuumed to allow the unit to react in a vacuum environment.

Relative air humidity ≤85%
Working temp. environment 5℃~40℃
Working voltage 220V±10%  50~60HZ
power 1KW
Pumping rate 10m³/h
Ultimate vacuum 5X10-1Pa
Working pressure range 1.01325X105~1.33X10-2Pa
Oil capacity 1.1L
Inlet/Outlet caliber KF25
Noise 50dB
connection Bellows, manual flapper valve connected to bellows
Furnace tube rotation system
The furnace tube can be rotated at a constant speed of 360°, the rotation speed is continuously adjustable from 0 to 60 r/min, and it can be operated for a long time at a speed of 60 r/min.(>24h)

rotary CVD system


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