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Plasma enhanced rotational PECVD system

Plasma enhanced rotational PECVD system

    Application:  Graphene growth, carbon nanotube development, silicon nitride film deposition, two-dimensional material growth, crystal material battery electrode field.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Main features:
  The whole experimental cavity is in the glow generation region, uniform equivalent glow, this technology is a good solution to the traditional plasma work instability, In this way, the range and intensity of ionization is 100 times of that of the traditional PECVD, to the uneven accumulation of materials . 
  Use a quartz tube of a special shape (thin middle between two ends) as a reaction chamber for chemical vapor deposition.The furnace tube can rotate 360 degrees, Quartz stopper on the inner wall of the tube can help stir-fry the powder material and sintered more evenly, and the furnace body can be tilted to the left and right at a large angle, which is convenient to feed in and out, and the inclined angle is adjustable from 0 to 35 degree.
  Widely used in the preparation of graphene at low temperature and the carbon coating experiment of powder material.
Technical Parameters

Max. Tem 1200℃
Heating zone length 440mm
Constant zone length 200mm

Temperature Controller
lPID automatic control and auto-tune function.
l30 programmable segments for precise thermal processing.
lBuilt-in protection for the over-heated and broken thermocouple. 
lOperation interface is 7 "industrial control computer
Heating Elements ·Resistance wire, Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1℃
Processing tube Size:Φ60*420+Φ100*360+Φ60*420mm
Furnace tube rotation rate:3~13r/min
Furnace body inclination angle 0~35°(adjustable)
RF generator 
Signal frequency 13.56 MHz±0.005%
Power output range 0-500W
RF output interface 50 Ω, N-type, female
Power stability ≤5W
Gas supply system
High precision mass Flowmeter(Range optional)  
Accuracy ±1.5%
Response accuracy
Response time间
Gas characteristics:1~4sec
Electrical characteristics:10sec
Working pressure difference range 0.1~0.5MPa
Max. pressure
Connection  Φ6mmDouble clasp stainless steel joint
Vacuum unit
KF25 series bellows and manual stopper valves  
Vacuum up to10-1Pa  
The value can be displayed intuitively by the digital display vacuum tester    


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