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PECVD system with preheater 

PECVD system with preheater 

    Application:  Graphene growth, carbon nanotube development, silicon nitride film deposition, two-dimensional material growth, crystal material battery electrode field.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
Main feature:
PECVD is to produced plasma by glow discharge .In the glow discharge plasma, the electron density is 109-1012cm3 and the temperature of the electron gas is 10-100 times higher than that of the ordinary gas molecule, which results in the chemical reaction of the gaseous substance containing the thin film. Thus, a new preparation technique for the growth of thin film materials is developed. By reactive gas discharge, the reaction characteristics of non-equilibrium plasma are effectively utilized, and the energy supply mode of the reaction system is fundamentally changed. The low temperature plasma chemical vapor deposition method has all the advantages of the gas phase method, and the process is simple.
Set vacuum unit, gas supply system, RF source, automatic propulsion, heating furnace in on.All the controls are integrated into the touch screen control interface to make the device more intelligent and easy to operate.
Any PECVD system can be equipped with front-end preheating furnace to assist solid source evaporation, suitable fot growth process of two-dimensional materials, plasma treatment , also for the rapid heating and cooling of the CVD experiment.

Working temperature 350℃
Max. temperature 400℃
Max. Heating rate 30℃/min
Suggest heating rate 10℃/min
Temperature control 30 segment progress temp. Control
Voltage AC220 V
Power 800W
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Heat element Resistance wire

Max. temp 1200°C
Heating zone length 440mm
Constant zone length 200mm
Temp. control PID automatic control with 30 steps programmable,Operation interface is 7 "industrial control computer
Tube size Ø 25,,Ø50,Ø60,,Ø80,,Ø100(customizable)
PE source:   

Signal frequency 13.56 MHz±0.005%
Power output range 0-500W
Max. reflection power 100W
RF output interface 50 Ω, N-type, female
Power stability ≤5W
Gas supply system Accurate control of gas flow with high precision mass Flowmeter
Mass Flowmeter reference range(N2) 100sccm、200sccm 500sccm (optional)
Accuracy ±1.5%
Repeatability precision ±0.2%
Working pressure difference range 0.1~0.5 MPa
Max. pressure 3MPa
Vacuum unit KF25 series bellows and manual stopper valves
vacuum 10-1 pa
The value can be displayed intuitively by the digital display vacuum tester
 PECVD system with preheater 


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