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VGB series of vacuum glove box

  • temperature:
    • 1200
    • 1400
    • 1700
  • chamber size:
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
VGB series is stainless steel glove box with Airlock Chamber, Gauges and vacuum Flanges, which allow glove box operate under vacuum to remove moisture and oxygen without expensive inert gas purging, It is an ideal tool for material and chemical researchers to process air sensitive materials and solutions.

Model VGB-1 VGB-3 VGB-4
Dimension 936*480*475 1040*700*710 1555*745*960
Main chamber size
594*444*414 780*700*650 1120*740*900
Front pump chamber
270*140 260*240 435*360
Box outside connection 1. The front class has a mechanical pressure gauge, a ball valve and a KF25 interface
2. There is a KF25 interface and two ball valves behind the main cavity
Vacuum level       Pre-stage chamber: 0.05 Torr (close the front of the internal flange, so that the former class and the main warehouse to become a separate vacuum chamber);
   Main warehouse: 0.5 Torr (closed front of the internal flange, so that the former level and the main warehouse to become a separate vacuum chamber)
  · Maximum positive pressure: 1.1 atm
· This glove box is not designed for high vacuum and the vacuum is too high to deform the glove box.
· Rubber gloves can not be operated in a vacuum condition, in order to remove water and oxygen from glove.
· Maximum positive pressure: 1.1 atm (Note: if the pressure inside the glove box is higher than 1.1atm 810 torrs can not operate rubber gloves).
Power supply Three core plug
(power input)
Three core power line  patch panel
One extension socket (Max power 1500W) is installed in the glove box main chamber.

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