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Tubular hot pressing furnace

Tubular hot pressing furnace

    Application:  This equipment is specially designed to press powder or multi-layer wafers in a vacuum or gas protection environment.
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product

Product Description:
    PT-T1200 is a tubular hot pressing furnace whose cavity is a quartz tube with a diameter of 100mm, and the maximum pressure of the electric press is 20T. This tubular hot pressing furnace equipment is specially designed to press powder or multi-layer wafers in a vacuum or gas protection environment. The maximum temperature of this equipment can reach 1100℃, and 30 steps of heating and cooling programs can be set.

Technical Parameter:

product name

Hot press (CE certification)

Product number


Length of heating zone

300mm (effective size)

Furnace size

Diameter 100mmX300mm   

Furnace tube material

One high-purity quartz tube and one 310S stainless steel tube each

Long-term use temperature


Maximum temperature


Temperature Control System

30-segment PID microcomputer programmable automatic control

Heating rate


Heating element

High temperature alloy resistance wire

Rated voltage

Single phase 220V 50Hz

Passable gas

Inert gases such as nitrogen and argon

Temperature measuring element

K-type thermocouple

Shell structure

Double shell structure

Hydraulic pressure range


Piston diameter

Chrome-plated cylinder Φ90mm

One-piece structure

The main board, oil sump, and piston have no sealed connection

Cylinder stroke



Water-cooled flange, installed at both ends of the quartz tube

cooling method

Circulating water chiller

Indenter material


Special order

The display part uses a 7-inch touch screen to realize centralized display control of temperature, head pressure and hydraulic pressure, and can complete data storage and collection, which can be copied to a computer.

Random Accessories

High temperature gloves, crucible hooks, instructions, etc.

after-sale warranty

One year warranty (except for wearing parts)

tubular hot pressing furnace


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After-sales serveces

After-sales serveces