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a high temperature tubular furnace purchased by Brazilian Institute of Physics

   A university in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil recently purchased a 1600 ℃ high-temperature tubular furnace in our factory. The purchaser himself is a professor of his university, and said that this purchase of 1600 ℃ high-temperature tubular furnace is for experimental research.

The characteristics of this tubular furnace:
(1). Operation Temperature: 1600℃
(2). Maximum energy efficiency is achieved by surrounding the chamber with thermal-efficient alumina fiber ceramic insulation.
(3). Heavy duty double layer structure with cooling fan. Lower temperature in outside case. 
(4). PID automatic control via current limiting phase angle fired the resistor, e.g. SCR(Silicon Controlled Rectifier).             
(5). Power control with 30 segments programmable. 

horizontal tubular furnace


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