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vacuum crucible furnace

vacuum crucible furnace

  • temperature:
    • 1200
    • 1400
    • 1700
  • chamber size:
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Detailed Parameters Of The Product
PT-T series crucible furnace uses double carbon layer shell and 30 segement PID control. The furnace consists of high purity alumina polycrystalline fiber and high quality heating element. It is an ideal tool for materials annealing and sintering , composition analysis, quality testing, ashing in colleage lab, research institutes, etc.

Features of Vacuum atmosphere furnace
Product model PT-T1200VC
Heating rate (suggestion ≤10℃)
Heating element Resistance wire
Crucible diameter 150-500mm
Crucible depth 150-600mm
Furnace chamber Alumina fiber
work temperature ≤1100℃
Max. temperature 1200℃
Temperature measuring element K thermal couple
Max. Vacuum Limit 10Pa/10-3Pa
Temperature control type PID programmable control
Constant temperature precision ±1℃
Working voltage and frequency AC110-4800V 50/60HZ
Customer design sizes and volume is accepted


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After-sales serveces

After-sales serveces